Substation WIP

This is a quick rendering of part of a HV substation that I am working on. I am doing it for presentation purposes at work. I am trying to get a more realistic feel. Any criticism/advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am working on a better gravel right now, for in the foreground. And better materials for the equipment. Any other suggestions?


Unless your main lines are made of concrete, let them have some slack. Right now they look way to stiff and perfectly straight.

If you are talking about the main lines across the top, those are rigid bus, so they are solid and straight. But thanks for the input.

any ideas for a realistic gravel…i am playing around with voroni as a mormal map right now…any other suggestions?

It’s doubtful you can get realistic gravel with the blender base textures, perhaps you should look around on the internet or create one and import it.

Here is an updated image. I plan on putting company logo in gravel in foreground, that is why there is so much area.


Sorry it took me so long to update this. I have been really busy at work and have not been able to play around with this as much as I would like. I attached a few pictures of individual objects/structures to show some more detail. The two structures are from another part of the yard and are completely modelled in AutoCad 2008, then imported into Blender 2.47. The third image is a Potential Transformer that was originally modelled in AutoCad then, imported into blender and used as a template to re-model it in Blender to add more detail. Let me know what you think!