Substep problems + movement problems

Hello. I have some problems in my game and i don’t know how to fix them.

If some of you can help, that would be great.

So I have 2 problems for now. I have used some py- scripts that are not made by me and I cant realy understand python.

“I have appendet some of the files from the original file”


  1. I have FPS game and in that game my player have movement that is ok for me, but there is that problem when the player is close to a wall and try to jump it just cant jump corectly, its someting like BUG. I press "W- Forward and “Space- Jump” and it cant jump corectly.

  2. The second problem is that when I set the substeps more than 1 the player begins to “BOUNCE / go up and down very fast” its a BUG again. Some of you may say that I dont need more substeps in my game “1” should be enought.

I need more substeps because when the player casts smoke granade in some of the objects, it just go trought.

The author of the script says that the Bugs occur because the script its writen in Blender 2.6.

I have appendet some of the object from the original file.

Here is the Threade:

Here is the ORIGINAL FILE:

Here is MY FILE:

I would be realy happy if someone can help me.