Subsurf 2.54

Ok I am using 2.54 and I have a question once you add a subsurf division set you level and render and apply it is there a way to go back in to that subsurf settings and change or alter them? I am having trouble finding them once applied.

Don’t apply it. That makes it a real mesh. Keep it as a modifier unless you have a specific reason to apply it.

Edit: That goes for most modifiers. Only apply if you have a reason to. The usual (rare) concern is the stacking order of multiple modifiers.


If you actually applied the subsurf, then I don’t think so. At least I’ve tried to undo a modifier operation and have been unsuccessful. I usually leave the subsurf modifier unapplied just in case, and there is really no reason to freeze the mesh, unless attempting certain modeling functions that would require doing so.

Cool thanks for the replys