Subsurf Above Particle System

I have a head that I’m making hair for. I had a subsurf modifier below the particle modifier and it was working fine, with the exception that some of the particles were floating above the head. So I moved the subsurf modifier above the particle modifier and now it seems like it’s disregarding the density vertex group. I know that the geometry changes when the subsurf is above the particle system, but hairs are appearing all over and uneven, sometimes in clumps. It doesn’t seem to make any sense. I don’t want to use the “Use Modifier Stack” option because then I can’t add hairs for some reason. I read something about this here: so maybe this is a bug that’s been fixed? I’m currently using 2.69.

If you change the subsurf level, you have to style the hair again, by my experience. The particle system is confused and the best way to get rid of this issue would probably be resetting the particle system and styling it all again. This has always worked for me, I hope it works for you!

I took off the particle system and added a new one but it isn’t fixing anything. I could just go through and delete the hairs in places they aren’t supposed to be, I’m just wondering why this is happening.

That’s strange. Did you check your vertex groups? Do you use the final subsurf level for styling the hair?