Subsurf and Texture Stretch

I want to apply a subsurf modifier to my model. Along with that comes loops to make the edges look sharp. I have textured my model with out the subsurf or loops. When I add them in post-texture it stretches the texture. Is there a way to prevent this or am I just going to have to go through the unbearably long process of unwrapping a subsurfed model with lots of loops?

Add additional edge loops to limit stretching with subsurf or see if the new subsurf aware unwrap option in blender 2.62 helps

In the overview at Blender Cookie for release 2.62, this is covered.

Oh, thanks. I hadn’t watched that because I thought it was irrelevant.

So what you are saying is…


I’ve finished the texture to the best of my ability for the top of my model of a coffee table, but I am getting some really weird pinching and stretching effects even though I added the extra loops.

Here they are:

I did what I think Richard said and the same things happen. In fact they may be worse because I don’t think there was much pinching before. I am obviously doing something wrong but I have no Idea what. Below I will post some pictures of the UV.

This is a picture of the temporarily finished texture. I know it is very sloppy but I just started using Gimp a few days ago and this is my first UV texture. I would be quite thankful if someone who knows what I am doing wrong and is willing to point it out would be ever so kind as to do so.

Oh, and I also removed the layer with the semi original UV on it so here it is:

I did all of the loops and subsurf post texturing because I believe it would take far too long to unwrap it beforehand, but if that is the only way to do it then I guess I won’t have much of a choice.

It all has to be done after subdivision, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be, but it works out much better. Stretching will still occur near the transition of the mesh going from one area to another or one image/material border to the next, but the edges that you need to add will only be required at the edges, or junctions of the mesh just like control loops that are used in subdivision modeling, so only a few here and there, not the extreme amount that you used in your example. I was going to show you and example but I found something buggy with my build in dealing with UVs.

If you imagine a clock face, you can add a UV to the polys and it will look fine, but sub divide and you will have to add a loop around the outer edge of the face and near the inner portion (depending on the image) to reduce stretching. Use edge slide to control the texture.