Subsurf and transparency

I’ve got a weird issue where a transparent object becomes opaque (marked yellow in the shot) in places where edges come very close (red circles in the shot) to make sharp edges with subsurf modifier enabled. I’ve double checked and made sure there are no internal faces there. Anyone knows how to solve this?


Problem finally fixed. The normals were totally screwed (most normals were pointing in the direction of the tangent). Recalculating didn’t help until I applied rotation. After that, normals were fixed.

Um no. Only fixed in Luxrender (blender 2.49 + luxrender .61). Blender internal (2.53) still does the same thing…

It’s quite hard to say anything about the picture, because it’s quite small. Please post some closeups and wireframes or the .blend file

Here’s one file.

Wires attached. As I said before, blender internal renderer seems to see this, wile Lux doesn’t seem to mind it at all. The edge loops are very close to each other as you see from the wires. I haven’t had time to test it any deeper.