Subsurf Bug

I´m having a bug with the 2.49a, in one character im using subsurf at a level 2 at 3dview and set to render at level 4, when the render is make as soon as I return to the 3dview it automatically change the level on the view but on the number of subdivisions stay the same in the configuration box that I put, this happen to anyone here…??? One thing to note, at the same scene there´s 3 characters and only two of them are acting like that, the other mesh i can delete and place a new modifier that act right…

Some notes:

If I move in the timeline it go back to the right level.
I already deleted the subsurf modifier and still happens again.
Already deleted the armature modifier and the mirror modifier before the subsurf.
Already save in other file name.

Thx for the help…

Im going to try at home with osx with other version to check if´s that the problem.

Ok, the character change the subsurf when I apply some action on him…some tips…??

And all the other characters that are in different layers, when rendering with composite on it works but this character that´s at layer 2 dont work even the composite.

Ok, the subsurf thing fixed it was a datablock that was assigned to the mesh of the object I deleted that than now works normally, but still no composite in that layer…