subsurf causing deformation

Hi, I’ve modeled a character and rigged it, but while I tested the mouth movement I saw deformations due to subsurf and I’m not able to solve them playing with vertex weights.

Here is the mouth in rest position without and with subsurf x1 (it was more natural at the beginning I opened and rounded the mouth to try to solve my problem):

Everything is fine…


Now saying “Oooo”:

As you see, the more I increase subsurf the worst it is.
I didn’t find how to correct that.

Thanks in advance for you advices…

When you look at the mesh at the p-laces you see the error what do you see ?
Are there duplicate vertices, edges where shouldn’t be edges etc

You have failed to supply a link to a demo blend file that shows these error for us to look at. Therefore we are relying on YOU to check the mesh as we cannot

I uploaded the part of the model where I have the error.
I don’t find double vertices or strange edges…


test.blend (1.15 MB)

Weighting is not so good in the version I uploaded because I changed some vertices while searching solutions for that issue…
However I just opened the test.blend I uploaded and it doesn’t appear the same than when I saved it… I’ll verify that…

Object scale is unapplied. Tools and modifiers work in object data level, and object level scaling means you’re not looking at the version you work on. Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale to apply.

Modifiers work from top down, so the armature should be first, affecting the control cage, and then subdivision surface to subdivide the forms that were described with the control cage.

Don’t enable subdivision surface modifier on the control cage while building the model structure. It doesn’t show the actual vertex positions and you can make a real mess of it. When you enable wire display for the object, also enable draw all edges underneath so that Blender draws edges also on planar surfaces.

Hi and sorry for the late reply (holidays).
Putting subsurf after armature solved the issue, and it’s logical in fact.
For the scale not applied, I’m not sure if it can cause problems maybe I’ll let it like that as I set up some hair particules and applying the scale change all particule systems.
Anyway thank you for your help !