Subsurf help

hi everyone
I have a quick question about using subsurf modifier. i am creating a replica of a clone gunship from star wars and have nearly finished the outside. when i try to create the interior of the interior of the model, the subsurf modifier distorts the mesh (see pics below)
i do not want to apply the modifier or delete it, what can i do?
any help appreisiated


Each edge can have a weight which I think tells subsurf to leave it alone.

You might need to remove doubles on your model, or possibly recalculate normals.

I’m guessing you have some interior wall which you are attaching to the outer hull right?
What you need to do is give your wall thickness and attach the innerwall to the innerside of the hull. This way the distortion won’t be visible on the outside. You might also want to add an extra edgeloop really close to the attached wall. This will keep the distortion to a minimum and give you a nice clean sharp edge.
You can also control the creases with SHIFT+E this is what Papasmurf is refereing too but I find this method to be too imprecise and not giving you enough control over the edge so I don’t use it unless there is no other way (speak two very close edgeloops).