SubSurf in Blender

I am learning 3d and I am learning from a tutorial on building a gingerbread man called Gus. The tutorial uses a SubSurf button in Blender. I cannot find it anywhere in the Blender menus. I have the latest windows version of Blender 2.42a. I installed it onto my linux Suse machine, and I still didn’t see the SubSurf button. The tutorial shows it under the Auto Smooth button. Do I need a plug in?

Thanks In Advance!!

First off welcome to the forum, and nice try at getting the proper area to post in we are undergoing a mispost crackdown;).
To answer your question the subsurf button is now in the modifier stack. look at the wiki page or search here. good lock with Gus.

yes see - it has updated versions of the manual for many sections which can help…