Subsurf missing?

I know its probably just because im new at this that i cant find it, but it seems that my subsurf buttons are missing. I push f9 and look in the bar thingy but its not there…I have the newest version, so i know its not that. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Its now a modifier see the following link:


:smiley: Thank you very much!

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Somebody send AndD some tranquilizers and/or a 26oz’r :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I’m just going to walk away and count to ten :slight_smile:

I’ve turned over a new leaf.

No, really… I have.

Actually, this was pretty good going. I think it’s been more than 10 days since it was last asked! Not that I was counting - well not counting that anyway. I am counting now though … 1, 2, 3, …

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4, 5, 6…

A bottle (26 ouncer), but I think only Canadians bother to call it this :wink:

AndyD, would you feel better if we incorporated directions to the subsurf modifier in the next splash screen?

I think it just needs a big blinking arrow pointing to it for the first ten or so times Blender is opened (I really just think someone in authority should take down as many old docs as possible).

I wish you guys would stop encouraging me - I’m getting in too much trouble over this stuff.

(In all honesty though, as mentioned a few weeks back - it’s really quite humorous.)

Easy with the newbie

this is not a forum for pro only!

Blender is not a userfriendly soft !

give a chance

don’t worry be happy

Note: Prend toi un bon St-Laurent Frappe 2006 a 10 degres C et ca va te rafraichir!


The SubSurf question has nothing to do with userfriendlyness of Blender. It has to do with people not searching the forum before posting or reading documentation. Doing this will almost alway get you a 100% answer on the subsurf question. Why should newbies not have to search the forum or read documentation?

Now make yourself a cold drink (you can use a Blender for it) and have fun…

I went in the FAQ and put “subsurf” then go

—> answer : did not find anything ?

so how can a newbie find it ?

God - is there any intelligence on earth or may be will find it on Mars?

this is the section on basics and interface

it is easier and faster to ask a question then loose a lot of time to search it!

so why loose hours of search - just ask the question or give a reference page somewhere that’s the goal of this forum is it not !

Bada bing - bada boom !

bye bye

The FAQ is for the Forum software itself, it has nothing to do with Blender, or whatever content the Vbulletin software is being used for.

Try using the ‘Search’ button, (change it to ‘Search Titles only’ to cut down on the results), type ‘subsurf’ for the “key words” (search term) , you should see ~170 threads with a number of very obvious titles like ‘Where’s the subsurf button in 2.41 …’ etc


it is easier and faster to ask a question then loose a lot of time to search it!

Searching the forum for an answer maybe takes 5 minutes and you’ll almost always find an answer. Searching the forum for the subsurf question will give you an answer within a minute. Posting a question and waiting for it is certainly never easier and faster. It sometimes takes several hours to get an answer or the question is misunderstood. Before posting you should always search the forum for an answer or look in the Blender documentation.

I went in the FAQ and put “subsurf” then go

—> answer : did not find anything ?

so how can a newbie find it ?

There are several documentation sources for Blender. You’ll find them in the Help menu from within Blender, the most logical place to look for them IMO. I would search for an answer in the Blender manual because that seems to me the most compleet documentation source for information on any Blender subject. After clicking the menu item, the Blender Wiki page manual opens in your Webbrowser. For anyone it should be easy to find the Subsurfaces link in the Modeling section, which gives a clear answer how to use subsurf.

If you search for an answer in the forum or documentation several times you’ll know how to find it easily and what the best resources are.

Even if you use Google and search for “subsurf+button+blender” you find an answer.

you are talking with your experience - amazingly easy to do ounce you know it - And that’s the catch 22

a newbie does not have your experience and feel lost a lot in the beginning

at least that’s what i remember - less than 1.5 year ago i was a total newbie on Blender!

Another problem is that if there are links in old post - most probably the links are dead which does not help!

and don’t forget the brain is not a logical machine like a computer
and learning is a pesonnel experience - each person has to follow his own path to become enlighted.


What experience does it take to find Help in the menu? What experience does it take to click on one of the items in this menu?
What experience is needed to search the Forum?

About old tutorials/old posts, yes, they can be confusing to new Blender users.

With all the newbie questions repeated in the forum this problem should be easy to find in the future, if it’s searched for.

I was searching for the terms “missing buttons” wondering where the catmul clark and simple subsurf menu went and found exactly what I needed here.

I was perplexed at first, but It looks like this newly organized interface might be better.