Subsurf modeling


I am trying to figure out how to use subsurf modeling for creating low-poly meshes for in-game models. Anyone have any tutorials for such a thing? I’m wondering how you lower the detail low enough for it to work for a low-poly model? I noticed a lot of extra geometry is always being created and I need an accurate way to lower that detail level.

Model the mesh you want (subsurf on or off, your choice.) Then create a real mesh from the subsurce (control-c I believe,) then use the decimation tool to lower geometry.

I have worked in gaming, and so have many of my friends (some of which still work at a few of the big names in the industry), and i can honestly say I know nobody (who’s a professional) who models game models with subdivision surfaces. Even the modern games that are very high poly count, subdivision surfaces just aren’t efficient. It would take far longer to model something in subD’s just to repurpose the mesh later for low-poly counts. Just model in straight polygons, preferrably in tri’s. That way you have full and complete control over every poly’s placement. Decimator lowers polygon count, sure, but not in an accurate or geometry-perfect way. If you want to make game models, do it the right way.

I mean, if you have some ridiculously high poly count limit, and the game engine is powerful, I suppose you wouldn’t have to care. =) Or if you don’t mind spending a lot of time re-creating sections that decimator didn’t treat too well, that’d be fine, too. If you’re doing something <3-5k polys, i’d still make every polygon by hand. That way you know exactly where your budget is.

Hey, someone that knows what I’m talking about. :slight_smile: Right, people keep telling me about the decimator but it is a good rule of thumb to stay away from any tools that lower geometry that exclude the use of dynamic geometry.

A couple of guys on the Blender forums were trying to convince me that subsurfaces are better and more efficient, polygon-wise than splines. I believe not, especially when it comes to low poly modeling. I only use splines in certain areas though such as a complicated torso or an odd, rounded shape of some sort that I have some control over. Or, I like to model out just a rounded, flat surface that I can extrude from after tweaking it a bit. I have always found it easier to hit my budget with goold old fashioned spline modeling. :slight_smile:

I have not worked on a game company or something but I think it’s easier to use subsurf. I box-model my character, set subsurf 1 and convert it to mesh with ALT+C. Here is an example of a model with under 5k tris The model on the first page really suck but look on the 2nd page that’s much better.

A couple of guys on the Blender forums were trying to convince me that subsurfaces are better and more efficient, polygon-wise than splines.

You are confusing Subsurf with SubDivision. They were obviously talking about SubDivision, where you start with a primitive and subdivide, extrude and tweak the verts, edges and faces. That can then be SubSurfed (or not) which you want to avoid for low poly.