Subsurf modeling


I have an example object and I want to make it smoother only from one direction.
Please check the picture.

Upper pic:
Color green is the edge where I want to keep the 90 degrees angle.
The red line indicates that I want to smooth the outer line to be roundish (when looking from upside down).

Lower pic:
When I subsurf it affects the object from every direction and that is not what I’m trying :no:

Thank you

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Add an edge split modifier

The top and bottom of your model consists of triangles only. This is not good when using subsurf as it will mess up the edge-loops. You might wanna take at these:

Well, option one would be to do what tropical is suggesting and using Edge Split on the original model without subsurfing it.

Option two if you really need the subsurf modifier is to select the edges that you want to keep sharp and use Crease Edge (Shift + E shortcut, drag away outward to increase crease or drag inward to decrease crease, or just type a number from 0.0 to 1.0 or -1.0).

Don’t try to mix these two techniques together though, as using Edge split literally splits the edges into two separate face areas, so the subsurf may not react in a desired way.


Good advice all round. I especially recommend the Fundamental Patch Modelling
URL’s they are excellent.

Have added a very quick .blend showing the kind of topology used for subsurf.
It is not perfect but reinforces the all Quads mantra.

Hope this helps?

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Subsurf Suggestion 001.blend (142 KB)

Pixeltwist’s method is the best; EdgeSplit is perfectly hard, which is unrealistic and pretty ugly. Crease Edge can’t be exported (or not to everything anyway), it’s pretty nasty to not be able to tell what’s going to happen by looking at the control cage and it’s harder to adjust. It’s not always easy to make everything completely out of quads and still have the required edge loops to get your shapes, but you can make any shape just with correct topology and that’s why it’s so versatile.

Be sure you understand what Subsurf actually does and how it works. Here’s a good link to get you started. This thread contains a lot of useful examples of how to use subdivisions modeling in tough situations.

Ok, there are different solutions I’ll start to study them.
Thank you for answering.