subsurf modelling (circle question)

I’m trying to model this circle with these grooves in it. I want the edges to be sharp, however when I add edge loops it will make creases in the circle.

Anyone have suggestions on how to model correctly with subsurf?


EdgeSplit Modifier might be what you are looking for. Good luck!

/ Mats

Are you sure it’s not just because one side of the grove hasn’t been modelled with the same detail as the other side? See how the other side’s corner is sloped differently? It could be having a hard job fitting both sides together well.

Just use Edgeslide to add a bit of separation between the lower edges

This is problem of subsurf. You need to learn how to control the density of mesh and flow of edgeloops. In the first picture the right side is nicer. I would try this to do it so, but there still might (and I’m sure the will) be a problem in the junction of too many edges.


to get sharper edges with subsurf, use Crease (Shift - e)