Subsurf modelling technique

Think of Gingerbread Gus. Poor Gus was baked in outerspace because his back shows no evidence of ever having been on a cookie sheet. What is the technique to create nice corners and flat surfaces in a mesh that needs to be subsurfaced?


You could just extrude the section that you want to have sharp edges and not move the new points. EG, Select Points - E - LMB to confirm.


You could try out the new sub-surf weight feature in 2.34. Select the edges you want, then click the make edges button in the edit Button (F9) then adjust the weight of the sub-surf to give you a crease or a curve.

Subsurface creasing is the best thing to do. In earlier versions of Blender, you had to add an extra line very close to the edge. Now, just select the edge loop and do shift-e. In one of the test builds, you just moved the mouse up to increase the crease and down to decrease but in 2.34 final, I’m not sure where you move the mouse.

Does anyone know why it was changed? I preferred the mouse up/down method. In 2.34, I seem to be moving my mouse in random directions to get it to change. Also, it would be nice if you could type in the value like with the other tools.

Okay, I found the Make Edges button. Where do I set the weight?

Once you have made the edge, select the edge you wish to crease then press SHIFT-E and drag like scaling.

Beautiful. thank you. I also noticed that there is now a Crease setting in the NKEY window, where you can set the crease numerically.

Glad I could help.

I lean’t something too, thanks for the tip about the N-Key