Subsurf modifier+armature. Effect changes when applying the modifier.

Hi to all,

I already posted this but maybe in the wrong forum.

It’s been a while since my last time a used Blender and now I have a maybe very silly question.
I’m working with a head model that has a subsurf modifier (but not applied yet). I use an armature for the animations and everithing looks great. The problem arises when I apply the modifier to the head. The animations that where smooth don’t look smooth again.
Is there any way of maintaining the same or similar smooth effect after applying the modifier? I mean, I would like to make the rig without the modifier applied and then apply it to export the mesh.

Many thanks in advance.

I’m assuming you are using the armature modifier and it is located before the subsurf modifier in the modifier stack? And I assume you want to apply the subsurf modifier. In this case you will not have the same effect when doing the animation as the armature is evaluated first and is acting upon your non subsurfed mesh and later on the subsurf is applied smoothing out any deformations in the non subsurfed mesh. When you apply the subsurf the armature works directly on the previouse subsurfed mesh but still with the weightpaint from the non subsurfed mesh.
Your only chance is weightpaint the subsurfed mesh after applying the subsurf modifier to obtain smooth animations.

Many thanks for your reply musk,

If I get it, there is no way to start with a “non-applied subsurfed” mesh, then place the armature and then apply the subsurfing modifier and espect to obtain the same results? It would be really nice to work with a low polygonal mesh seeing the subsurf results of the modifier and applying the modifier as a final step. :frowning: