Subsurf modifier question


I am currently working on a scene in blender that includes a car that I imported from 3ds max. I have been trying to apply a subsurf modifier to the wheels to round them out, but the result is different from the one that I get with meshsmooth in 3ds max at work. The geometry is essentially a 16 sided cylinder, and when subsurf is applied it smooths out but you can clearly see pinching where the original edges were. The aim would be to have a perfectly circular cylinder.

Any help on a solution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Make some posts on people’s artwork in WIP threads or something, then after your post count is up post some images of what you are getting as a result and then we might be able to help better. Just from the description, I would guess maybe it is needing either a higher level of subdivision, or maybe you need an addition edge loop to tighten in the shape, or just setting a crease strength on the circle’s edge loop. Pics would help a but more though, and I am probably very wrong altogether.

Thanks for your quick reply Craig. Your right about posting images to accompany my explanation, although my Internet has gone down for my main desktop and I am reduced to navigating via an I-pad making posting images atm difficult (i hate apple, but that’s another rant). Anyway after 3hours of trying other stuff I found a solution.

The export option in 3d max’s 3ds export option retains the triangulation geometry often hidden by edit poly and sometimes edit mesh, splitting my quads into triangles adding unwanted detail to the mesh and consequently the subsurf result. I took it as a given that what would be squares in max would be exported as squares for other programs. It is actually a good thing that it does this as you usually don’t apply a subsurf to a imported model from a foreign program. Anyway all I needed to do was to export the model as an .obj file and there is a prompt with one option being exporting as quads.

Anyway thanks again for the reply, will post scene when its finished and my Internet is up again.