Subsurf modifier to text = problem

Hi, i wanted to use the subsurf modifier to modify some text, but the result is actually something unusable.

Here is a picture about what happened:

Just focus on the letter D and you could see that the mesh is not correct. I tried to fix it, but there is so much of a work with letters “D” and “a” and i think that there would be a better way to fix it. So thats why this thread.

Modifying Blender generated text will always result in problems. It’s much better to take the time to model each letter by hand. You can then easily do whatever you want to these mesh based letters.

Yeah, it does take a long time to model individual letters, but you can save them and use them for future projects. You can even create your own custom font :slight_smile:

Good luck on your project :slight_smile:


Thank you about your answer! I Photoshopped the result and now it looks better. :slight_smile: