Subsurf, not working the way I want

First post here and this prblem has probabley been adressed before, but I did a search and couldnt quite find what I was looking for. The problem is I am getting faces on the edges, and I can’t delet them.

And I want it to look like this side

I made sure to delete all the inside faces but that did not work.

It appears that, in some parts of your model, you’ve accidentally done a double extrude. You can usually fix that by removing doubles.

Which you do by selecting all (A), then W>Remove Doubles.

For future reference:
Just remember that when you extrude, it extrudes, then puts you in Grab mode. When you cancel, you are just quitting the Grab Mode, the geometry is still extruded. To revert, press Control Z to undo before you do anything else.

I’ve been blending for about 8 months now, so not that long, but long enough to develop habits. The very first one I taught myself was every so often, usually when I come back after taking a break, I’ll try to remove doubles. Because I’ve had similiar issues to the one you’re describing. Now, hardly ever does it do anything, but there is always that one time I’ll remove something…that’s worth the .7 second check in my book. And getting rid of the problems you don’t know are there, due to carelessness (no other reason in my book), will avoid creating future issues.