Subsurf problem at Lego minifigure leg


i’m a blender beginner an i try to model a lego minifigure. At the moment i stuck at the leg, because the subsuf modifier doesn’t work well. I’ve downloaded a lego minifig model from here

My leg look similar to the leg from the downloaded model, but the behaviour from my subsurf modfier is not the same than the modifier from the downloaded model.

My model is minfig_v2.blend

PS: Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language


The model you’ve downloaded and what you’ve built are not suitable for subdivision. Perhaps you would like to tell why you need it, upload a .blend with the leg and maybe then people can show what changes it needs for subdivision to work for intended purpose.

Here’s a series of tutorials about creating complex shapes. Don’t worry about how old they are; the information will always apply, not just to Blender, but to any 3D modeling app.

The leg geometry is the hardest part of the Lego minifigure base. You have to ask yourself 1. Do I need it to be a replica, exactly of the entire cavity, and 2. if you are not going to animate it bending - ever - then why bother with subsurf at all?

When I modeled this I knew the legs would be flexing because that’s what was asked for. IMO it does not add a lot to the effect but it sure adds a huge amount of modeling and rigging time.

there are way more polys than you need on the outside of the leg, especially if you opt not to subsurf
(edit) doing a rough count, it looks like a savings of about 800 quads