subsurf problem with creasing

hi @all

is there anyone who is really annoyed with the subsurf modifier, just like me? :wink:

i’ve got some problems with modelling a car and creasing he door opening.
better i show you some pictures:
this is the door opening from the side. you see the not sharpened edges and corners.

in addition the edges on the left, where this mesh should connect to the next one are not creased. here is what i want:

of course i already tried to crease the edges in the corners of the door that are not creased in the picture above and it did sharpen the corners. but in addition it of course created sharp edges on the mesh that i dont want.

at another part of my model the subsurf modifier has caused some weird curves in my mesh that i dont want at all :mad: have a look:

and from the side:

here you can see the edges and the crease value for one of them:

you’ll find the .blend attached to the post
can anyone of you help me with the things i’d like to achieve? are they possible without adding (many) loopcuts? i’m looking forward to your answers.



subsurf.blend (515 KB)

Really no one who can help me?

I think it’s just that their so many things t osay when it come’s to car modelling.
And its something a lot of people start with,
Theres a tutorial on CG Cookie about modelling a porshe, that’s really detailed and should give you all the information you need.

well, i dont think so.
my problems are not specific to car modelling but to modelling with the subsurf modifier. they could occur on any other model as well.
this is not my first model, not even my first car :wink:
maybe someone is an expert for subsurfing and is able to help me in this case :slight_smile:
if i find the time, i will have a look at the tutorial (which is pretty long, i think…)


It’s pretty long, but one is enough to give good information.
Not just on car modelling but general topology for subsurfing things.
And it’s a little more entertaining then reading tutorials.
I"ve been out all day, so I don’t really want to look for the link.
But a good info video, that was like 2 minutes, was helpful for me when uderstanding the subsurf modifier.
If you search guerilla blender subdivision surfaces, you might find it.
I might edit back later with a link.

thanks for the nice tutorial, i found it here:
(there are two parts)
but, the main issue that i ran into is not discussed in the tutorial. i seem not to really have understood the crease function with subdivision surface…
i’m gonna look for a specific tutorial for that, anyone who knows a good one?


Select those edges, hot key Shift + E, drag mouse to sharpen Subserf modifier edges. Alternatively, to add sharp corner is to add cuts close to the corner.

Experiment and see how Subserf modifier brakes up the faces. Triangular mesh is a problem. It mess up mesh flow. You got some triangles in your car meshes, which is causing problem.


concerning your advice which edges to sharpen, yes of course i know. but like i said before in my first post, this is what don’t want to do. it does not only sharpen the edges of the door opening, but also the outer surface of the car body.
i already tried and transformed the triangles to quads in my mesh, but that did work either.
so i’m trying to give the whole car mesh a ‘thickness’ at the moment. it is not going to be a single surface, but a real volume. maybe i get what i want this way.
i’m gonna tell you what happens… :wink:


There’s the solidify modifier if you want volume, but I don’t see how it neccesary.
Since you don’t want to look through the video tutorial, have a read on this.