SubSurf Problem

i’m having a subsurf problem :s

each time i have a shape i want to make it smooth
it works with simple shapes , but when i want to subsurf a complexer shape
and i do it , i have all sorts of holes and ripples in it ,

can anyone pls help me thank you


It’s just a “normals” problem.
Enter Edit mode, select all the vertices and do Ctrl-N keys to “recalculate”
Normally all’s fine after this

thx a lot man

i helped , but sometimes i still get some ripples in it

maybe i should seperate the diferent parts to subsurf

thx a lot :slight_smile:

It sounds to me that you have holes in your mesh. I mean, you have faces that are besides eachother, but not connected by vertices. They look fine unsubbed, but when they’re smoothed, they make holes. I’d check that all those holes have proper faces in them. Also, the mirror modifier can cause some holes with the subsurf, if it’s not the first modifier to an object.