Subsurf problem

Hey there
Just starting out in blender and have a small problem (i think)
Using “subsurf” and the “mark sharp” option gives me the next result.

Have i forgotten a step or is it more basically ?

[the file](

Your file attachments need to be fixed, right now we can’t see anything.

Since I’m using an older version of Blender (and I have no idea what ‘mark sharp’ is), I’m not really sure what the problem is. I tend to use edge creases when working with subsurf.


Try removing doubles - it looks like your faces are not joined together.

You don’t want to use an Edge-split modifier before the sub-surf modifier. Edge split, literally splits your mesh, then the sub-surf will smooth out all of the now split surfaces, causing the circles you have. Move edge-split down in the modifier stack. In your model, you have a ton of duplicate verts, select All and use W / Remove doubles to get rid of those. Finally select all of the faces on the top of your rook and then press Shift-E and 1, and enter. This will mark the selected edges as sharp for sub-surf.

You don’t have to use Edge Split modifier. Instead use Edge Crease [SHIFT+E] on the desired edges.
(pretty high-poly model for a rook :slight_smile: )
Oops! DichotomyMatt with the right answer before me!


Toren.blend (240 KB)

Almost there :eyebrowlift:
As you can see there are still some small defects there.
looked at the file above but can’t see what if missed there


I now this is real basic stuff but don’t think i can use my 3dmax books in blender


I forgot to say that I’ve enabled Autosmooth option with 30 degrees (default). No matter that you’ve creased those edges you have to tell Blender which face angles should be treated as sharp and which as smooth.
I don’t think that Edge Creasing is applicable only to Blender. Every 3d software that support SDS has that feature.
So having books for other applications is a plus for understanding 3D modeling in general.

I prefer to add extra geometry over edge creasing, it gives more control and is usually more portable between apps/formats.

see on how the underlying topology influences subsurf.

Well getting there …


But as you can see still a small problem.
Looks like there is still some stress in the bottom corners
Btw thx everyone for getting me so far.

The File


toren.blend (170 KB)toren bijna goed.blend (176 KB)