Subsurf problems: it's not supposed to be THAT rounded!

I’m making a Blender sketch of a helicopter I’ll model later on, but I’ve run into problem I’ve always avoided. This time I want to work my way around it, but I have not found any good way.
What I’m trying to achieve is the first attachment. Notice I haven’t added those 6-gon thingies yet.
The second attachment shows the wire and the third shows what it results in. As you can see, that’s not what I want to accomplish.
So it’s impossible to work with vertex groups and that MUST be the same mesh. Also, beveling did not do any good either. All I got was a horrible mess (still, it was going in the right direction… my problem must’ve been the arrangement of the faces and edges but I’m not sure).
Does anyone have any ideas or solutions?



You need to add a couple of Loop-Cuts to the base of the winglets and
another at the tip of each winglet. This will “tighten” sub surf making
it follow the contour of the mesh better.
The keys for Loop-Cut is CTRL+R in edit mode.

And here is the blend file if you want a better look.


I knew it was going in that direction, hence my (failed) use of the bevel (which is underdeveloped in blender).
Thanks for telling me that Loopcuts can, well, cut it as well!

Also, if you want a really sharp edge try selecting one and using shift + E.

Yeah, if you want tight but rounded, choose loop-cut, but if you want a blisteringly sharp edge that’s only just short of being just like the unsubsurfed version, then ctrl+E is it.

Selecting the edge and pressing shift-e is another quick way to adjust the level of roundness.

[edit:] whoops! allready been answered. This new website design disorients me.

I’ll add those to my shortcut archive. I’ll go with the loopcuts because I still need some roundness in the mesh. Thanks for sharing your wisdome :smiley: