Subsurf question

I seem to have a problem when creating new edges and faces on a mesh. When I turn on subsurf after creating them Blender always draws the faces differently to what they would be if modeled with basic mesh modeling (extruding, scaling, grabbing).

On this particular model I want a nice smooth tube, but I needed to change it slightly. Once I’d created the new mesh and turned on sub-surfacing the tube was all contorted and looked totally different, even though the mesh was the same as before. Except it was in a different place on the mesh.

Hmm not sure I explained it too well. Is there any way around this problem? I’ll get some pictures up if people don’t understand what I mean.

Among the things that can mess up a subsurf, the worse is to leave a face, an edge or even a point inside the exterior envelope of the mesh.
(Do I explain myself clearly ?) this produces kinks. Get rid of them.
Next is the orientation of the normals (produces black stripes of sort) and you can reorient them by selecting every vertex and using ctrl+Nkey > recalc normals outside.

Try these first.

Thanks for the reply, I managed to fix it :slight_smile:

Seems I had an extra face inside the mesh where I couldn’t see it, which was screwing things up. Had to do a little digging to find and remove it.