Subsurf question....

Hello, another noob here,

I’m attempting to make a simple car for Track Mania Sunrise, but before I waste several hours in vain, I have a question. I am only changing the outer body of the car, because the game will retain the rest of the default car’s properties. I quickly read through a spanish tutorial, but Spanish class was a few years ago, and a few finer points were lost on me. The fellow who wrote the tutorial was using subsurfs to make the car look smooth. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was led to believe that subsurfs were a cosmetic thing only, not modifying the original mesh.
So, my question is can I and/or how do I use the subsurf’ed’ model as the final piece, or is subsurfing good for rendering only?:confused: I’d like to know before I begin, so any help would be much appreciated. Also, I searched the forums but found not any other threads related to my issue. If there is one that aready answers this question, please show me to it, and this thread may be deleted. Thanks.

You can apply the subsurf modifier when you have finished modelling, this will retain the smoothing but will be exported as pure polygons.

Yea just click “Apply” and you’ll be set.

Apply the modifier in the object mode :slight_smile:

Thanks alot. I feel kinda stupid now cause I hit that button earlier, and I got an error message (I was probably in the wrong mode) so I left alone. Thanks guys.