Subsurf questions

(munkey_mike) #1
  1. How do subsurfs effect gamespeed?
  2. How do you convert subsurfs to actual meshes? Alt-C doesn’t seem to work.
  3. I’ve read all topics on cel-shading in the real time engine and have had no luck. Please, I’m desperate. My megaman character would definitely benefit from this style.

(joecool) #2

Subsurfs don’t work in game engine, also, alt C does work. You have to remove the subsurf. I think I remembered that right. I can’t check because I don’t have blender because I had to reformat my computer, and internet is going so SLOW it won’t let me go to the download page!!!rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :-?

(cluh) #3

try using the new reflection mapping in 225 for the fake cell shading.

(saluk) #4

The alt-c works, but what it does is create a NEW object with the mesh, so you have to delete the old one. And they are placed on top of each other so it’s hard to seperate them. It’s a good idea to save the subsurf version in case you want to edit it again later, because the mesh will have a LOT of points. Also, I think the new mesh might still leave the subsurf option on, make sure its turned off before you run it in the game.

(munkey_mike) #5

Thanks for the tips. I can’t use cluh’s take on cel-shading cause I don’t yet have 225. And to joecool, I feel your pain man, I feel your pain.