Subsurf screws model (playboy logo)

Hi i have ah problem when i use subusrf to make it round it looks bad :frowning: what can i do ?
thx for your help
heres ah wire

I wonder if it is partially because you have tris in your design. Most modellers try to only have polygons made up of 4 points called quads.

It’s a common proplem when triangular faces are used in the model. You can try using [Edit mode] Mesh > Script > Triangles to Quads, to try clean it up. Fear the worst…

no the script doesnt work it doesnt change anything :frowning:
what would be the best way to model it with the hole (eye) in it and just use squads?

If you look above the eye you will see you have 2 triangles. Select the 4 vertices that make the 2 and push the F-key = this creates 1 face. On the under side of the eye you have a similar situation, although a lot more strectched. Repeat the select 4 vertices, and F-key. Try render again. Notice a difference? Sometimes you need to remove edges all together. Remember selecting 4 vertices and F-key is your friend. Except when it goes around the corner and then that’s another problem called an F-gon error…

bevel it with a recursion that is quite high, and set it to bevel quite far in-see if that works instead of subsurf.

thx to all of you for your help :slight_smile: i started again and now its mostly like i want just the left side and the eye but rest is okay if you wanna see here

wire looks ah little chaotic on the left ^^ but its not just ah little couse i had it to move as much as it goes to left that it gets more roundet.

well done for finnishing it, remember that when you have triangles it is possible to sometimes just felete an edge and then make it into a quad.

Have you tried using curves, a closed curve inside the outer shape will open up the eye, then bevel and extrude, up the bev resolution, experiment with the settings, you should get a nice looking model.

how do i use curves and how do i do that what you mean ?

wow. that new wire looks waay too complex. if i were you i’d box out the whole thing, then delete a face or two for the eye.

took 15 minutes and made an example. try to get your wires like this:
i boxed it out as simple as i could, ignoring the eye, then i added two edgeloops (k key) to define a place for the eye.

(no tri’s)

when i would it make like on your pic then it wouldnt get so roundet like i wanna have it when i use subsurf. and couse of they eye i have an better way now for it, the wire hastn changed really.

Using bezier curves.
DefResolU: 30
Width: 1.0
Extrude: 0.1
Bevel Depth: 0.3
BevResol: 9


Ooops, that 3rd picture should be this. Not saying this is the best way to go, just another way to go.


acutally, mine was rounded, quite nicely in fact. unfortunatley i didn’t save and i’m too lazy at the moment to re-do it.

those curves look interesting, i didn’t know you could make something that way. is there a good tutorial on that somewhere?

Coalth, from that wire you posted, it did look good to me, as for curve tutorial, I can’t think of one that is exclusively for it, but it can be used in creative ways.

If I run across one that looks pretty comprehensive I will post it.

Have you tried setting the mesh to smooth? Go to the edit tabe and click on set smooth.