(FantasyX) #1

All these tutorials & the documentation thing need me to use things that arent in the same place in this version of blender. Where is the ‘subsurf’ and ‘optimal’ buttons?
Thanx Ppl

(Fligh) #2

Tell us which version you are using.


(FantasyX) #3

oh, srry
2.4(thats the alpha one right?)

(FantasyX) #4

Yeah Blender 2.4 Alpha 2

(Fligh) #5

F9, Modifiers tab, Add Modifier >> Subsurf.


(FantasyX) #6

Ok thanks, and one more thing, can i put bones into like anything?

(Fligh) #7

No, you can only put bones into an Armature. If you mean can you use bones to deform anything, well, only things that are renderable and one exception, Latices.