HOW TO SUBSURF WITH THE NEW BLENDER? can someone plz help me?

It’s now in the modifiers in the edit buttons

The most popular question since the release of blender 2.40

It’s now put in the modifier stack.

Next time first do a search before you post a question.

… exactly what I thought Crouch :slight_smile: … until I tried it! … to be fair a search on subsurf does not return a useful result on this forum unless you already know you are looking for modifiers - hense why I felt the need to reply and not just let my eyes roll in to the back of my head (again)

Rule number one : search the documentation (hum … the ole rtfm rule :wink: )

It’s all there and get better all the time

The first thing I did after reading this question was using the search function. When you use ‘subsurf’ as keyword and search the blender general forum you get this as twelfth result: Sub surf toggle button in blender 2.40 alpha 2 This is to be honest even the thread I directly copied the link to the wiki from.

By the way: you are right on using the documentation (indeed do rtfm :P).