Whatever happend to subsurf? I can’t seem to find it anymore… ???

Oh I see… Thanks alot :slight_smile:

That must raise the subsurf question count to somewhere around 2,512 ?

I wonder why it never seems to show up in searches? :wink:

Ya think it might qualify for a sticky?

Nah, nobody reads those anyway :smiley:

It actually makes me laugh now whenever I see “subsurf” in a new thread title.


Funny thing is, even though we know what the question will be and that it shouldn’t really have been asked - we still have a look.

Ah well, I guess we all started at the beginning once :slight_smile:

I was just used to the old subsurf position… Last time I used blender was in version 2.37 :rolleyes:

And yea, I forgot about the search function :smiley: