This is something that’s driving me crazy. I have the newest version of blender on Mac and I can’t find the subsurf function that is in so many of the tutorials. Does anyone know why I would be missing that button (my edit window looks the same as the tutorials, with the exception of the subsurf button)?

Subsurf has been moved to the Modifier Stack.

Excellent. Thanks man.

another noob question :slight_smile: Is it possible to do subsurf (or something similar) only on selected edges? like to change _/ to U without adding vertices to smooth things out.
I tried Draw Creases as in mountain tutorial in wikibook but it just makes edges “thinner”; not smoothing things out.

And there’s another thing I’d like to do; from V to _/ (add new face between the two so the edge wouldn’t be so sharp). Hot can I do that?

You might want to use the Bevel Center script. You’ll find it under Mesh > Scripts. It does what you want on selected edges: it turns V into _/ and then you can choose if you want to make _/ into U. I heard that some peoples have troubles with it, but I never experienced anything wrong.