Hi there.
I was wondering, is there any way to set influence on vertexes in subsurf?
In plain language, is there any way to set the influence of subsurf modifier via weight paint?

Depends on what you mean by influence. There’s a way to ‘crease’ subsurf to make sharp spots.

Select and edge and press Shift+E.

Yes I know that there’s that edege crease thing, but when i apply it to close to the real edege i makes some sort of ugly folds on it.
I was talking about wheight paint maps, for the influence of subsurf on the mess, in order to decrease tension on certain sopots of the mesh.

Triangles might be part of the problem. If you have any, covert them to quads using ALT+J.

As far as I know, there is nothing like what you’re asking for.

You might want to check your creases in the render; not all of subsurf’s graphical oddnessess involving creases and such actually show up in the render, some things just come out magically ok.