Subsurface Scatteing map for human skin?

I’m rather new to character modelling and i wish to know - is there some way we can manage how deep rays travel under skin?

For example, different parts of human body have different skin thickness. Thus SSS also must be different, yet now it is uniform, as i know.

So i thought may be we can create a mask or something for skin thickness and in this way we let SSS-Shader know where skin is thick and where it is thin. Which results in different SSS levels for different parts of skin and we will recieve more realistic image.

You could plug a texture into the scale slot of the SSS shader - the lighter parts will scatter more/deeper than the darker parts

This is a detail from the type of image texture moony described. The bottom portion affects the ears & nose, the top the fingers. These are rather thin areas and need some reduction in the SSS Scale value to prevent them from being overly translucent. The node chain would be Image Texture>RGB to BW>Math/Multiply>SSS Scale. The Multiply node lets you fine-tune the effect without necessarily repainting the texture.

That is great to hear. Thank you moony and chipmasque