Subsurface scattering in Blender?

I read some articles about subsurface scattering and got really excited about it. When will some smart person implement this for Blender?

Unfortunately questions like this are almost impossible to answer 9/10 times because so much of what happens in Blender is done by volunteers who give their time when they can afford to give it. There is currently only one full-time developer in the foundation, and that’s none other than Ton Roosendaal himself. However he is also in charge of several other things so even then, not all of his time is focused on development. He has a ship to keep afloat! :smiley:

So then it comes down to what, in general terms, is on the horizon. Blender’s development roadmap (as far as I know) doesn’t specifically include SSS, however, discussion has been had about revamping the entire material system to make it more “shader” oriented. I believe that if this were to happen, Subsurface Scattering would likely become possible. But take my words with a grain of salt and don’t hold your breath. :wink: Instead, visit the Python forum and search there for SSS. Someone created a script for it not long ago and you may find something more about it there. :slight_smile: That should hold you over until hell freezes over! (Just kidding, it won’t be even that soon. Just kidding again :wink: ) Hope this helps!

He wouldn’t accept python scripts and hard-code them in unless the thing was stable and complete, that way there wouldn’t be half-working or buggy features.