Subsurface scattering

Hey guys. So I was following a tutorial on making skin in Eevee. The tutorial was recorded in blender 2.80 and I followed along in 2.82. But even after following all the steps I don’t get good results with subsurf scattering in 2.82. On the other hand I tried to do the same thing in 2.80 and am getting satisfactory results. So my question is what has changed in blender 2.82 and how can I get the same result as blender 2.80?

Showing the node setup and screenshots form the two versions might help people diagnose the problem.

With the information you have given, it could be a thousand different things causing a difference - ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ :wink:

Sorry my bad…:pleading_face: Here are the screenshots. The first one is in 2.82 and second in 2.80
I do see one thing here. In blender 2.80 there is separate albedo option under subsurface scattering which is missing in 2.82. Turning this option off in 2.80 gives the desired result. In 2.82 it seems to be enabled by default and I can’t find it anywhere. How can I solve this problem.

You are using different SSS settings. The first screenshot is Random Walk, the second is Cristensen-Burley.

You also have GGX on one and Multiscattered GGX on the other.

U got me excited for a minute there. But changing to either of those in 2.82 doesn’t change anything.
And for that matter, it doesn’t change anything in 2.80 as well.

Random Walk should give quite different results to C-B.

Are you using Eevee to view both (the second screenshot is using Eevee - but I can’t tell what the first is as you have scrolled down on the side bar).

How do they look if rendered in Cycles - I don’t have much experience with Eevee, so can’t advise whether this is an Eevee specific issue.

Yes it’s Eevee in both. I will try in cycles but I think it won’t be the issue there.