Subsurface subdivisions makes everything slow

I can’t do anything in Blender 2.8+ with subsurface rendering enabled. It takes 6 seconds to move a single bone. I can delete it, and animate as I expect. Shade flat, remove subsurface, it’s fast, render Oh enable subsurface. I’m pretty sure it’s subsurface, might be shade flat.

I literally cannot do anything under 5 seconds. The armature does not appear moved at all, I just have to click and hope I got it in the right place. Undo takes a while.

So no I can’t rea what I’m writing, bad site design. Your ‘got it’ needs to eat balls.

I have the default Viewport 1, which as I understand it, should have 1=1 or zero subdivisions. Deleting the subsurface modifier returns it to being editable in realtime. Render default is 2. I put it to Viewport 0 and it tells me something like it is disabled, apply not done.

How do I enable subsurface without affecting the viewport?

2.82.7, nVidia 1060.

CUDA also does not make a noticeable difference, in case someone can address that. No, GPU compute does not make a difference.

Also, I have no idea wtf I’m doing. Literally 1 week ago I downloaded blender. This is not a new problem, it’s just a problem.

It’s been broken since they updated to 2.8 and I have seen no interest or talk about them fixing it.

Good to know I’m not the only one who has noticed how horrible the performance is. I answered a post in another thread yesterday about how to get the same visual feedback with better performance by using a duplicate of the object with the SubD applied at level 1.

There has been talk about upcoming/planned performance improvements in 2.83 …said folks around here, when I dug it up… last time… a month ago or something