Subsurfacing: Looping without creasing.

I am currently creating an organic character. The character has two eye stalks protruding from its head. They are part of the same mesh as the rest of the character. The stalks are actually ridiculously triangular extrusions with an extra ‘intrusion’ at the top to make the eye socket. I would like to make an animatable eye lids for the character. The problem is that with the current vertex count that is impossible and when I add edge loops it acts as a crease, emphasizing the ridiculous triangulareness of the stalk’s mesh cage. Ideally it would be nice if when I make a new edge loop it appears in between the subsurfaced loops instead of the real, triangular loops, but I doubt this is possible.

Any ideas on how I should make vertices for the eyelids? I think that applying the subsurf to only the stalk part of the mesh would produce okay results. Let me know if that is possible or if you have better ideas please.

Unfortunately, I have applied the mirror modifier and weight painted most of the character already. I am not too picky about the symmetry but it would be nice if the method did not involve too much manual symmetry.

Thanks in advance!

Here are some images (click to view larger): The subsurfaced eye stalk. I am happy with this shape and would like to preserve it as closely as possible. The actual mesh is in blue. It is very triangular and low poly. The vertices of the actual mesh projected on the surface (the little green triangle next on the modifier) The subsurf modifier has been applied. This would be okay if I could apply it to only part of the mesh.

P.S. Sorry if this is unclear, I had the post perfect the first time but then it got lost in the metaverse :frowning: