subsurfacing parts of mesh only

I am under a quota, doing a character model.

I need some parts to subsurf, like around her eyes, and her nose, mouth and ears, and other parts I can leave as blocky as I wish, since they are not as important, or will be covered by clothes.

I have tried “subdivide and smooth”, but it does not give the effect I want. Is there any way I can selectively subsurface pieces of a mesh, without having to break the mesh into separate objects, and then glue all the vertices back together again?

the only way to get the mesh blocky in subsurf is to use shift+e, but your mesh will still be subsurfed. im pretty sure thats not what you want though. im not sure there is a way to use only parts of a mesh.

I tried hiding everything I did not need subsurfaced, and then ran “apply deformation” script. Unfortunately it still subsurfed the entire model.