Subsurf'd topology and specular?

I’m fooling around with a little model of a desk-lamp where I used simple topology and a subsurf modifier to create the nice “stamped brass” look of the real thing. (Yes, I’m modeling what’s on my desk, just to pass the render-time …) But I’m noticing that the specular highlights from the spots just aren’t treating those rounded edges like they were “real” geometry. Sure, subsurf is a bit of a digital cheat … but … thoughts?

did you add enough light sources and or objects around to create some reflections on your object ?

can you show pic !

is this BL or cycles ?


First thought is that you have either subdivde UV’s unchecked or Optimal display checked in your subsurf panel. either of those would cause blender to ignore the additonal geometry created by subsurf.

No, the options are already thus: “Subdivide UVs” is checked, and “Optimal Display” is not. It’s got one subdivision for view and 2 for render; Catmull-Clark.

This is BI (and will so remain).

I can see light reflecting off the edge of the base but not the nice (subsurf’d) fluting around the base of the vertical column. I also see reflections on the column, and at the base of it where the fluting ends. But the flutes themselves look like they’re under bunches of layers of drab latex paint. Nevertheless, I’ll presume that it’s just a lighting-position matter, and I haven’t quite gotten that far along yet. (Still noodling with the scene before seriously lighting it.)


show a pic here

or difficult to guess what your seeing !


I have to agree with Ricky. your going to have to either post up some screenshots or share the .blend file.