Subsurfing and cylinder tricks?

Cylinders create those awful triangles when subsurfaced. Even if creased to 1, the reflective surfaces come out funny.

So far, I have been manually editing the round area into polygons for better loop modeling.

I don’t want to box model, and then use proportional editing to make a round surface.

Any hints on how I can make cylinders that work well with loop modeling?

Select the edges at at the end of the cylinder (only the ones that point towards the center) and subdivide them once. That should get rid of those ugly deformations you described

Y not just start with a circle and extrude then scale inwards indefinatley to create the cylinder.
Or create the cylinder and delete the center vertives then extrude and scale inwards.
No ugly surfaces will b created when subsurfed and you can always add your edge loops to ‘sharpen’ the edges.
If i read your question properly.

thnaks floorplay. It’s a few extra steps, I was hoping maybe there was something better, but I’ll try it next time.