subsurfing issues


I’m having troubles with small but annoying subsurf/edge crease abnormalities. It’s most noticable in the chest area of the people. Is there a way to fix this issue, or something else I can do besides subsurf?:confused:

edit: I added a pic of one of the people in edit mode if it helps any


Hi Billt Joe

It looks like you might have either a problem with the mirror modifier around the middle seam with verts over the center mirroring back onto the original side, some double up on the faces in that area or perhaps some faces or edges inside the mesh pulling the subsurf.

Hope this helps

You might want to also check your normals. Ctrl+N in edit mode to recalculate them to point outwards.

what exactly are normals?

In essence, they are which direction the face ‘faces’ and reflects light. For example, if all faces had their normals pointing inwards, all no light would be reflected outwards, and you’d see black. Here’s a pic from the subsurf page of the blender wiki:
The blue lines denote which direction the normals of a given face are pointing. When they aren’t all point consistently outward, you get shading artifacts.

To reveal normals, in edit mode under Mesh Tools More hit Draw Normals

In this model the problems are caused by internal geometry. You seems to have 3 internal faces along the middle. Remove those and the problem should go away

Oh wow, good catch! I didn’t even notice those in the wireframe until you pointed them out. I should get my eyes checked :frowning:

It was 2 internal faces :wink: newb, jk

thanks for all the help guys!