I am making a model in blender or at least trying to and it was all going fine i created a very basic outline and tweaked it slightly into the shape i wanted but when i tried to subsurf it everything went wrong. The subsurf has sharp edges at some points and generally looks increadibly messy, i know this is my fault for modeling it badly but is there an easy way to fix these?

Image of the original and the subsurfed, showing the problem…

First of all select all your vertices and then W 6 (remove doubles). You may have internal faces in your mesh where you are getting the sharp edge, delete these. Make sure you haven’t made these edges shrp using the edge-split modifier.


Thank you, that certainly made it a lot better and but there are a few sharp edges left. I can try to remove them by hand. I doubt i have but how could i tell if i was using the edge split modifier.

If you don’t know about the edgesplit modifier you wan’t be using it. F9 and it would show under the modifiers tab along with your subsurf modifier.


Ok thanks. As you can probably tell i’m new to blender and 3-d modeling but on a tutorial read something about not using triangles in my model. There are a few and i was wondering if that could be the problem for the Subsurfing or if that is an unrelated thing.

That model looks pretty sweet dude :slight_smile:

The reason you’ve heard that quads are better is because they are generally easier to work with, and create a smooth/regular result when subdividing faces. This video explains it pretty well.

But remember, it’s more important that it looks the way you want it to look, than being technically ‘correct’.


thanks for the video link, really helpful and i think that that is one of the main problems with my model. I’ve pretty much sorted it now although the problem with the non-connected points is still slightly annoying but not bad, thank you people for the help.