Subsurfs distort UVmap

Hi there!
After recently having modelled and UV-mapped a paceship and then proudly rendered to se the result with subsurfs, I got horrified.
It showed up that the subsurfs distorted the UVmap so that all cubic and rectangular shapes got very strange and not at all as they were ment to be. I guess that they follow the subdivided faces.
Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
Because I have to have both Subsurfs and UV-mapped textures…
I am very thankful for all help


You need to convert the subsurf to real mesh (Alt-C) before UV mapping if you do not want any distortion.


Yep, do what theeth suggests. It is currently the only solution.

I have asked the question over at about having the sub-d cage being the base mesh for UV texturing. I have yet to get a clear response. This has always bothered me and really stopped me from using UV’s more for texturing.

I am sure that there is a way for Blender to use the sub-d cage versus the base mesh (non-sub-d cage) for the UV’s. All the other big programs have it, so why can’t we?


Thanx anyway, to bad it won´t work. I´ll try with the non-subsurfed cage then.
The strange thing is that the texture doesn´t get distorted when projected with any other non-UVmap method, so why doesn´t UV-maps work.
My obly options now are:

A. Simply to use the non-sub:d cage.

B. Use 6 or more different textures to project the different parts of the texture onto the ship. This works with subsurfs but prexents a big problem: when I try to project the texture from the top, it gets distorted (only stripes show up) and when I then rotate the model to compensate for the wrongly rotated projections, the other projections gets distorted. Rather frustrating, really. I hope I have made myself clear.
All help is welcome.