Subsurfs only one direction.

I am modeling a person, and am currently working on the head. I need to subsurf the head to get a useable shape, but when I subsurf, it only seems to do it one direction instead of all the way around. I’ve researched this problem already and the solutions that have helped other people have not helped me. (Removing doubles and recalculating normals) The problem is only on THIS model. The same problem happens with the body too.

Below is a picture of normal, then after subsurf.

You can probably get rid of those triangles on the top there and make that quad. Plus make sure you don’t have two vertex points in the same spot. You can hit “W > remove doubles” but to double check I’d right click a point around there and just move it to see if a vertex point is right next to or close to that exact same spot.

Thank you! When I grabbed a vertex and moved it, there were extra vertices there. I had done W > Remove doubles, but I hadn’t paid much attention to the settings. I raised the limit to 0.1, and it removed 14 extra vertices. Now I can get on my way and finish this head. Thanks again!