Subtitles for Sintel

Hello everyone.

We already have a whole bunch of subtitles for Sintel (both on youtube and for the DVD). They come in the form of .srt files.

I have put most of the ones that people have sent to Ton since the movie was released on a little spot on my website.

If you want to help out, check them, improve them… you can download them there.


If you have a new or improved one, please post a link to the .srt file here, and I will double check and upload it to my spot as well.

If you can confirm that a language file is correct, please also post that here.

Dolf & the Durian team

PS: I forgot to mention… the names of the characters do not need translation!

Here is it in swedish.

I uploaded my version of Russian subs there

I viewed you subtitles. And find some errors:

00:02:09,400 --> 00:02:13,800
что привело тебя в страну
gatekeapers это привратники.

00:01:47,250 --> 00:01:50,500
Ох и мрачное прошлое хранит этот клинок.

00:01:51,800 --> 00:01:55,800
Много невинной крови пролило это копье.
Клинок или копьё? Следует оставить что-то одно, имхо.

Имя дракона я бы перевел, как Чешуйчик…

And it is my version of subtitles:

нуууууууу… на вкус и цвет.

  1. мне просто не понравились этакие привратники без_ворот. Хранители, по сути, занимаются тем же самым (ВОХР :-).

  2. клинок и копье сделано намеренно:

  • blade клинок (копья)
  • текст “копье” появляется тогда, когда у старика в руках мы видим древко.
  1. Чешуйчик, так Чешуйчик. только много звука ч.

ПС. В целом особой разницы в переводах этих 10 предложений не вижу :slight_smile:

возможно, лучше даже не клинок, а лезвие.
(не гуглил, что чаще употребляется “лезвие копья” или “клинок копья”)

ну кто знает, может там и есть ворота :slight_smile: Но да, особой разницы нету.

Насчет копья - мне кажется, будет понятнее, если сказать

00:01:47,250 --> 00:01:50,500
У этого клинка тёмное прошлое.

00:01:51,800 --> 00:01:55,800
Он пролил много невинной крови.

А то можно запутать, сначало клинок, потом копье… Хотя и этот вариант не передает полностью смысл.

Ну и Чешуйчик, просто, как-то лучше звучит :slight_smile:

И да, если судить по википедии, то клинок всё-таки правильние. Так как

Лезвие — острая заточенная грань клинка режущего инструмента или оружия

О! Это копье с темным прошлым

Его лезвие выпило немало невинной крови.

Может, так переставим?

(кстати, “лезвие копья” употребляется в 17 раз чаще: 2730/162)

Да, так намного лучше.

Whoa, hang on guys…

Not that many people here speak Russian… We have 4 versions now already… can we get you guys to agree on a nice version somehow? Or eh… we have no idea if you guys agree or disagree.

If you feel the need to discuss the translations in depth then try to describe it a little in English as well for all the other people on this forum…

I added the swedish version and a new french version to my little spot… it would be great if someone could have a look at those.

Okay. I’m sorry we had this discussion in Russian…
Yes, we were discussing some variations of the translation.

If you like some parts of my translation better and if you feel the part we discussed here is better than the one in the both versions, can you merge the translations and put out the final srt file?
(It goes to dvd and youtube then, I guess)

Oh. And you can use any of my parts of the translation I posted here withought any crediting.

Kind regards,

Final(?) version: (It is result of merge my and Poet translations).

Thank you, Drakmail!
This final version looks good to me.

Thanks guys, I’ll download this one as “the russian version” :wink:

4 New languages have been submitted.

sk, no, hu, & jp

Same place as before:

The russian one we’re considering final.

What would really help is for people to check all the ones on there now, not send in completely new ones.



I’ve sent Slovak subtitles to Ton, but I’ve found they are in wrong format.
well here are those subs corrected :slight_smile:

@macouno: please, update SK subs :slight_smile:

Ok, I replaced your previous version with this one. If you know another Slovak member of the forum, tell them to double check them for you and confirm it here, then we can call them final :wink:


I’ve registered only now, but I’ll ask some friends not from this forum :slight_smile:
and one question, should I translate “Scales”, because I am thinking about nice Slovak version of that name :slight_smile:

No the names don’t need translation

There’re only two names in the entire film: “Sintel” and “Scales”. I agree that “Sintel” should not be translated, but “Scales” is a name with a meaning (at least in English). I doubt that this is merely a coincident, thus it’d seem proper to find a similiar telling name in the translated languages too.