Subtitles in BGE


I’m want to create a game like Dear Esther or Amnesia, but i don’t know how to add subtitles in BGE, I thought in add a dynamic text connected to a Python script and use the delay sensor to appear and disappear the text when the sound starts and ends, but it sounds complicated, so I want to know if someone knows a better way to do it.

Sorry my english.

I think this is the way to go.

I developed “bubble boxes” for a game in the past. The plan was to show written text and play the spoken one. It worked pretty well except I never had spoken text ;). The duration should be somehow relate to the length of the text. You can even add fading animations.

You’re right, I’d never thought in animate the material alpha of the text and play it with an actuator ;), but, is there a way to set the duration of the text animation according to the sound duration? Maybe with an add-on or a Python script?

You need to do this on your own.

As I never used sounds in more than a little background music I have no experience on that. You might be able to use the ActuatorSensor to detect when the sound actuator stops (if you use them).

Btw. I didn’t faded out the text, but a plane above the text. This way the fading was not just the complete text, but moved from left to right ;). I wonder if I still can find it … it was back in the 2.38 days.