Subtle Seduction


I want to present you my latest project: Subtle Seduction

What’s subtle about that?

I don’t recall seeing this the WIP forum first…but…thanks…i think.

Looks like an airbrushed poster. One picky thing, if the tongue supposed to be cutting through the “syrup” mesh?

I like the concept!
The composition is far from final but it’s a good try.
I hope you will try to improve it :wink:

Okay, I wont insult you by being dishonest.
This image is totally unsubtle. It’s really obvious and, dare I say it, cheesy.
Apart from the composition, the tongue texture isn’t right. There are no taste buds. The teeth aren’t right either. I’m guessing you’ve added ray mirror which is reflecting the background and turning them green. The syrup has a hard edge, and doesn’t look at all like it’s flowing on to a wet surface.

Sorry to be harsh, but you really should’ve posted this to WIP first.

Thank you all for your replies! Great to see it can be improved a lot, so… to turn the tables, please go here, blend file + textures for download:

PS. I know, the image is not that subtle;-)

Is that Elissa?

her tongue have to shine and be glossy and a little little bet smaller :slight_smile: .
her nose tepology in some way isn’t that good .


Is that Elissa?

No, it’s a part of a new model I started a few days ago. It was tempting to just pick it from Elissa;-) … but that is just cheating:-)… It is a side-track of a new model I just started not knowing when to complete it. You could call it version 2 of Elissa… but I’ll probably end up giving her a new name once I think she’s somewhat ready.
This ‘subtle seduction’ model is available for download in the WIP forum, but so far no replies yet… I hope somebody will show me and other people on how to further improve it in a great way…


her tongue have to shine and be glossy and a little little bet smaller :slight_smile: .
her nose tepology in some way isn’t that good .

Thanks for the critique. You are right it is not all that perfect yet. This is the best I can do in a rather short timeframe of a few evenings started from scratch.

I think the composition is off to a good start. I would try to improve the realism by making the skin texture more porous and variegated. Apart from that here are my crits:

  • The cherry should be made more vibrant and have SSS turned on.
  • The syrup needs a higher specularity, and should maybe be reddish?
  • The lips and tongue need work texture-wise (a normal map would serve this purpose).
  • The philtrum should be more pronounced.
  • The teeth and gums are much too bright.
  • The camera should be backed off just a little to show the end of the nose.

Some positive crits:

  • Nice, bright composition.
  • Hair is well done.
  • Innuend-tastic!

It has kind of a realistic crossed with a cartoon look to it which i find kind of interesting.