textures seem a bit off, but as an honest suggestion… The first one might look devilishly sweet if you continued the street to infinity and removed all textures. It would really give an sad, lonely feel. Like there is something empty and wrong about this place.

That may not be at all what you were going for, but it immediately
struck me this way. Keep up the good work.


A warped sense of humor, padfoot7726? I like that :evilgrin: .

I like it :slight_smile:

As a newbie I have the urge to ask… how’d you do te texture of the street like that? The lil bumps…

Sowwy lol…

I like the renders, though I seem to be drawn more towards the night one… maybe thats just me

@Okiphia, Bump Maps for Beginners.

yay thankies!

The street texture is bumpmapped in a wavy pattern. It looks more like water than a street. Also, in the night scene, the streetlights should be lit up.

Hey padfoot7726,

I just realized that you also did the heron lake pic. Both this and the lake would benefit from more work and better textures. But, you have some great ideas. Each pic gives you an immediate feeling. Like stated above, the first suburbs pic feels so desolate and makes you glad you don’t live there.

So keep those great ideas coming and keep blending!

Street needs MUCH SMALLER bump. Needs some sort of small gravel bump trexture.

Lamps are usually made of metal, the texture doesn’t show that.

Smaller and more rock like bump is needed on the curb.

The houses are okay if simplicity and low cost housing is the key here

You could also use AO and the mesh where the grass emits is black.

Keep working, this image could look tons better.