subway scene

i dunno i was bored of doing all the tutorials to get used to blender that i desided to finaly try and make something on my own (yes im a noob at this)

i got this far and wanted to ask what should i change here before i move on so i dont have to redo a whole lot… any suggestions on items i should include? any comments welcome


its looking good so far but i would change the stairs, i dont think they have stairs like that in subways (well not in the UK anyway) and secondly the benches i would change them to the seats that are bolted to the wall and lift up when you go to stand up.

i would also in the background were the stairs come from (upper level) have someting like this maybe leading in the from the ticket machines and from the street etc…

keep up the good work :smiley:

i would also enable AO in the world options panel

good idea and thanks for the help, but im trying work from a photo and add my own lil twists to the whole scene. also the photo you show is almost like what i have

ill include it


wow im impressed for someone thats new at blender ho long have you been working on it. I did the office scene below yours and mine sucks

this took me like 2 hours tops… not counting all the breaks that i took lol…

this is my first project that ive started, but before this i went throu like every tutorial nline…exept maybe for uv maping…

anywyas i started using blender like 2 weeks ago and i havent used any 3d software before this… 3d modeling software that is

got a lil update to what i was dooin… i dunno if it looks better or not thou


this is very nice.

i’ve got a subway scene myself, if you wanna check it out, its in this thread. you will have to navigate through it…but just look for my posts and i should have some nice images for ya to use a reference if you like.

heres a lil update after rendering and adding some lighting